Sunday, June 1, 2014


Someone told me that i should work for Cincinnati's board of commerce.  It is a thought.... lol.

Since I have been  back it has been good to me.  A brilliant apartment with a great view.  Friends that I might as well call family.  Experiences I have never had before.  And work is steady.  Money troubles aren't troubling me.  The only thing standing in my way of a better experience is.... nothing.   I have been enjoying myself even with all of the transitions I have made.

The last time I was this productive was well... I can't remember a time I have been this productive for just myself to be honest.  Cincinnati in all of its charm has been inspiring.  Every time I have left I always come back as a different woman. This time has been even better.... in some ways at least.

From music hall to the western hills; from clifton to downtown; from the east side to north side- the growth going on in this city is amazing.   15 years ago I would have thought this city was dying on its way to being Toledo.  Now with this new face lift I feel comfortable and happy in knowing that I came home. CINCINNATI.  It isn't so bad to call home.  Its GREAT.  I will probably move on to yet another adventure in a bigger city for a spell, but I know for a fact I can always call this beautiful place home.

As Cincinnati changes I am as well.  And if in any moment the city were to take a turn for the worse I can keep it moving and still be able to return to my home.  Until that day comes I am eager to make Cincinnati a better place.  It needs the younger adults to keep its success thriving and I want to be a part of it.

(as a side note.... my thoughts are random and seldom come together with ease.  all of my post will seem a little partial.  as I continue to write them I am sure my posts will increase in quality).

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